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thomas | 15 | intj | aromantic | demiboy

-> "i can't help being a gorgeous fiend. it's just the card i drew." - myself
-> asshole by day, tom cruise movies aficionado by night
-> knows way too much about vampires
-> loves oswald cobblepot too much
-> listens to taylor swift unironically

personality things!!!

'Which Tom Cruise Character Are You?' #1
You got: Lestat de Lioncourt, Interview With The Vampire
You really are out of this world. You’ve travelled far and wide and want to suck up as many adventures as you can. You’re bold, defiant, enthusiastic and passionate and have a long life to live. Enjoy it

'Which Tom Cruise character are you?' #2
You are Joel Goodson from Risky Business.
You are young and eager to experience life in all its fullness. But your willingness to take risks can put you in peril from time to time. Friends often warn you to slow down, but you can't help it. You are addicted to danger.

'Which Tom Cruise character are you?' #3
Lestat de Lioncourt from Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
A predatorial monster, you bring destruction wherever you go, and you curse your own existence.

'Which Batman villain are you?'
You are the Penguin!
Deviously clever and ambitious, you're a born leader with an instinct for tactics and shady shenanigans. people might understimate you because of your eccentric inclinations )and possibly for your beak nose and flipper hands), but you'll be the one with the last laugh - and the biggest payout.

'Which Gotham character are you?'
You are Barbara Kean.
When it comes to love, you've left more than one paramour brokenhearted. When in a relationship, you are supportive and affectionate. You have a bit of a past which you may choose to keep to yourself for fear of how people will judge you in the present. You refuse to believe ill of those close to you. You are fragile, and may revert to self-destructive behavior when pushed or stressed.

'Which Dorian Gray character are you?' #1
Sir Henry (74%)
You are an intelligent, analytical, amoral, and compassionless nobleman who enjoys judging and examining different types of people. You enjoy company, and you're an affable (if disagreeable) companion who's loved by your friends and hated by society.

'Which Dorian Gray character are you?' #2
Dorian Gray
You are really good-looking and you know it. You are an eager learner but can be easily bored. On weekends, you spend most of your time enjoying life and seeking pleasures. People like to be around you. When a problem arises you tend to hide from it as long as possible rather than deal with it at once. Deep inside you are a bit insecure and care what other think of you.

Which FREE! Character Are You?
Which FREE! Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

what we learn from this is that not only i really like tom cruise movies i am also an actual vampire asshole


Name: Tom like the cruise. HA
Birthday: 27th March
Height: 5'5 (165 cm) around i might have grown
Weight: 48 kg!!!
Eye Color: black shh
Hair Color: black shhh
Race: white and yes i can take photos with flash on
Zodiac Sign: aires

Drink?: mmmmm it depends
Smoke?: [bro voice] weed everyday
Use Drugs?: nah
Cuss?: like brad pitt in se7en m8
Play Any Instruments?: drumsss
Have Any Peircings?: noep
Have Any Tattoos?: i want to
Like To Annoy People?: no
Like Life?: hhehehehhe
Wear Make-Up?: a bit of eyeliner sometimes
Dye Your Hair?: nah
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: no??
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: yes
Like Pina Coladas?: IF YOURE NOT INTO YOGA
And Getting Caught In The Rain: IF YOU HAVE HALF A BRAIN

Dependable?: ya
Trustworthy?: definitely
Obsessive?: meh
Hyper Active?: nah
Happy?: not right now
Content?: nah
Violent?: haha yes
Evil?: that depends if you irritate me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hippie-Ish?: nahh
Shy?: yes
Paranoid?: ya
Annoying?: definitely
Social?: lol no
Religious?: yes hail scientology (im just kidding)

TV Show?: gotham bro
Movie?: coraline & big hero 6 & kingsman B))))
Band/Singer(s)?: fall out boy + taylor swift + orange caramel 
Song?: new romantics - taylor swift
Book/Story?: coraline too + the picture of dorian gray
Color(s)?: red + black + yellow
Shape?: triangles Bill Cipher is Back 
Animal?: cats def
Person(s)?: colIN FIRTH
Smell?: blood (: 
Flower?: orchids and pupils
Sport?: badminton
Word?: "mate" definitely 
Quote?: "i can't help being a gorgeous fiend - it's just the card i drew", "pain is hilarious!", "so you ain't got any family well, who said you needed one", "i see someone who wants to know what the fuck is going on", "i have to return some video tapes"
Hobby?: writing
Store?: h&m nd zara def
Season?: autumn bc everything is dying
Time Of Day?: night

Worst Fear?: my dad finding out i'm queer and transgender and not accepting me lmao
Life Goal?: be taller than 5'7''. no really.
Greatest Accomplishment?: confused some kids at my sister's school about my gender

Pepsi Or Coke?: none ew
McDonald's Or Burger King?: first
Converse Or Vans?: none
Dogs Or Cats?: catss
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: nOne
Chicken Or Fish?: chicken 4ever
Black Or White?: black
MTV Or FUSE?: none?
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: ipod bc apple
Pants Or Shorts?: none ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Day: watching all my favourite movies
Room: a healthy mix between victorian and contemporaneous
Life: being taller than tom cruise and living with one of my best friends and being happy
World: equality
Romantic Date: mamma mia. or any tom cruise movie. but mainly mamma mia. 

God?: i am god( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Heavan & Hell?: bitch im from hell
Angels & Demons?: yes def
Reincarnation?: maybe?
Yourself?: ehh depends
Ghosts?: definitely
UFOs?: all hail illuminati
Big Foot?: nah
Lockness Monster?: yEs
A Thing Called Love?: ??? idk

Kill Someone Else?: YES. OH MY GOD YEs.
Kill Yourself?: nah
Beg For Money?: if i was that bad
Skydive?: nope
Bunjee Jump?: do not
Make out in the rain?: mayyyyybe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
Run Away From Home?: depends
Ride A Motorcycle?: yes
Do Extreme Sports?: lol no

Do You Own A Car?: nah nor do i want it
Ever Been To Jail?: nope
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: not ye t 
Do You Have A Job?: nope
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: depends really

Are You Lonely?: not really??
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: i dont like cheetos
Do You Fee The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: no
Really?: yes
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: mylaptoop??
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: ive never ate a tootsie pop m8
Is That Your Final Answer?: ya
Are You Sure?: mhm
Postitive?: def
Glad That This Is Over?: yes
  • Mood: Egghead
  • Reading: interview with the vampire/divergent

A quiz I made to determine which Kingsman character you’d be. Put an ‘x’ for always/usually applies (1 pt) and a ‘/’ for sometimes/sort of applies (0.5 pt). 

Here are my answers filled in below:

Gary “Eggsy” Unwin

[x] Contrary to your rough background and upbringing, you have a bright, clever mind.

[/] You wouldn’t harm an animal – not even for a job.

[/] Family and friends are important to you. You’d protect them at all costs.

[x] If someone trusts you with a secret, you’d take it to the grave before spilling your guts.

[X] You are quick to make enemies with rich snobs, especially ones with a superiority complex.

[ ] You lost someone close to you at a young age.

[/] There is a close confidant who acts as your mentor and has faith in your potential.

[x] People would consider you fiercely loyal.

[X] You are very street smart.

[/] You tend to take an unconventional approach to problem solving.

Total: 7

Roxanne “Roxy” Morton

[ ] You come from a background with extensive training and knowledge that will prepare you for almost any situation you’re thrown into.

[X] You are not a big fan of flying or being at high altitudes.

[ ] People tend to underestimate you.

[/] You would stick up for the underdog without any question.

[/] If you were undergoing the Kingsman initiation, you’d be at the top of the group.

[x] While you may put on a tough façade for the majority of your peers, you’ll let your real friends see your caring side.

[/] If someone gives you a task, you carry it out – no questions asked.

[ ] Clichés, especially when used in compliments, tend to be met with biting sarcasm.

[x] Even if you are put in a tough situation that tests your limits, you’ll put aside your fears and concerns for the sake of the team or mission.

[ ] There are authority figures who have noted your talents and/or spunk.

Total: 4.5

Harry Hart/Galahad

[ ] There is a moment you were indebted to someone and you’ve been trying to pay them back for the favor.

[/] When you were younger, you were rash and quick to rush into things. Now that you’re older, you tend to observe and be more cautious.

[X] You have a wry sense of humor.

[ ] If you got into a fight with someone, you manage to subdue them while keeping cool under pressure.

[x] You take losses of lost friends and colleagues to heart. It’s hard to just move on without thinking about them and their contributions to society.

[ ] There’s someone you’ve taken under your wing that you wish to help.

[x] Unlike some of your superiors, you tend to look past someone’s background and class status to see their potential and talents.

[ ] Your fighting style has an air of finesse and style – you’re fluid in your movements and are skilled at anticipating your opponent’s next move.

[x] Even if you saved the world or were responsible for many heroic efforts, you’d prefer to remain anonymous in the news for your efforts.

[ ] If someone was about to do something rash and irresponsible, you would step in and prevent them from doing it. It’s for their own good.

Total: 5.5


[ ] You’re the brain of your circle – nothing gets past you when it comes to technology for the most part.

[x] You have a strict attention to detail which is often reflected in your work.

[x] Despite the fact that you typically are behind the scenes working on something for someone else, you have other talents that few know about.

[x] Analytical and precise are common adjectives used to describe you.

[ ] You are a championing advocate for teamwork and using it to tackle some of the biggest problems that occur.

[x] You don’t judge or discriminate people based on their backgrounds – you’re much more concerned about their skills and how they apply them in situations.

[x] You maintain a very serious disposition most of the time.

[ ] Your position allows you to be creative when creating the tools/products others use.

[ ] You’re a fan of the element of surprise, especially when it comes to testing people.

[ ] You have an accurate aim when shooting.

Total: 5


[ ] You’re the leader of your group or organization.

[ ] While it’s difficult to lose a member of your group or organization, you’re quick to keep things moving ahead and start the search for a new replacement.

[ ] You are a veteran member of the group or organization and have served for many years.

[ ] People consider you more traditional in your perception and opinions.

[ ] To you, it is important to consider someone’s background when they are applying for a high profile position. They can’t be just any old person you found off the street.

[x] Some people consider you a bit judgmental of others, especially if that person seems like the black sheep of the group.

[ ] There was a time where you swayed from your opinions and views that you upheld for a long time in favor of a popular opinion at someone’s persuasion.

[x] If someone seems like a threat, your first thought is to eliminate them.

[ ] You reward and value people who follow protocol without question.

[ ] It would be very easy for someone to outwit you; especially they’re more street smart savvy than you.

Total: 2


[ ] You come from a prominent family or background which you are proud of.

[ ] To you, someone who clearly isn’t cut from the same cloth as you won’t cut it if you’re applying for the same job.

[ ] You consider yourself to be a bit of a charmer when it comes to your preferred choice of a romantic conquest.

[ ] An avid lover of pranks, you aren’t afraid to pull them at the right time on someone when they least expect it.

[ ] When faced with a task, you prefer to take the lead and show everyone that you’re the boss.

[ ] If you were put under immense pressure and duress, you wouldn’t hesitate to save your own skin versus staying loyal to your cause.

[ ] You are the leader in your circle of friends.

[ ] Thanks to your family’s prominence, you have many connections high and low.

[ ] If someone offered you a chance to switch to the other side with great benefits, you wouldn’t hesitate to take it.

[ ] There is someone that you are clashing with that is the stark opposite of you, which doesn’t sit well with you.

Total: 0 (nice)


[ ] Everyone who’s anyone knows who you and what your accomplishments are.

[ ] You’re considered a bit of a celebrity around town/your circle/etc.

[ ] You always travel with a skilled sidekick who knows you very well.

[ ] You can’t stand the sight of blood – it makes you nauseous.

[ ] In public, people see you as a lighthearted, easygoing person who is very likeable. Behind the scenes, you can be scheming and slightly unstable.

[/] Overpopulation is a problem in your mind and something needs to be done about it.

[ ] Some people consider your ideas genius while others are quick to deem you absolutely mad.

[ ] You’re very persuasive with people of high status.

[X] Even though you could have any meal, your preferred meal would be something from McDonalds with their secret sauce.

[ ] You are very drawn to people of wealth, power, and celebrity status.

Total: 1.5


[/] You’ve managed to take a flaw or disability and use it to your advantage.

[ ] You’re the voice of reason in your friends – you’ll tell it like it is.

[ ] You are fluid, graceful, and lethal in your movements.

[ ] Even though you’re the sidekick to someone, you’re probably their best defense against the bad guys.

[x] You would fight to the death to protect someone you’re loyal to.

[/] You’ve spent so much time with someone that you know them very well. (Ex. You know to clean up after your messes before they come over, when to tell them to look away from the gore, etc.)

[x] You’re quick to spring into action if needed.

[ ] In public, you let your friends take the spotlight while you’re content to stand off to the side as moral support.

[X] You’re likely to answer stupid questions with sarcastic responses. (Ex. Do I look like I play Scrabble?)

[ ] Nine times out of ten, people never see you coming until it’s too late.

Total: 4

  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Reading: interview with the vampire

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