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  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Troublemaker
  • Watching: The Simpsons
I JUST BOUGHT iUNO! YESTERDAY!!!! I'M LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW AND IT'S AMAZING!!! I also listened to 2nd Law a little bit and that's awesome!! Really!!
Now, movies.
So, my dad recorded a movie about the wrost director of all time, Ed Wood. I started to watch a lil' bit and it looks funny. It's directed by Tim Buton and Johnny Depp plays Ed. My "deduction" is that the movie must be pretty damn cool 'cause it's a Burton/Depp movie and I love those ones.
Alo, my mom said if we have money we'll watch Frankenweenie. I really want to watch it 'cause it's a Tim Burton movie and it's about a dog. And I just LOVE dogs. Plus, Frank (Iero) sang a song to the movie soundtrack, This Song is a Curse. It's really cool! So, if you like hardcore and rock stop whatcha doin' and go listen to it.

That's all.
Oh right, Rachel is now in dA she's FamilyGayFanGirl. So watch her or something 'cause she is a really good drawer. Is that what you call to them right?... Whatever...
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October 14, 2012


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